Si vous avez des probleme avec le Nsoft launcher c'est parla

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Si vous avez des probleme avec le Nsoft launcher c'est parla

Message par ysirielle le Jeu 26 Jan 2012 - 6:53

Bon, voila suite aux problèmes que j'ai eu pendant persque 2 semaines --' je vous post ce que j'ai trouver qui m'a aider au cas ou que ca arrive a quelqu'un d'autre.

Lineage 2 has been updated, please change your version.ini to the following and repair.

Issues downloading from scratch or updating? No problem, Follow the steps below!

Step 1. Start installing/downloading Lineage II (Once started continue with step 2)
Step 2. Exit NCsoft Launcher (End Process NCLauncher.exe in Task Manager)
Step 3. Exit Pando Media Booster (End Process PMB.exe in Task Manager)
Step 4. Uninstall Pando Media Booster (Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel)
Step 5. Creating a version.ini file
Open notepad and copy and paste the following into said notepad:


Now click "File" then "Save as" and name it version.ini and place it into the Lineage II Folder
For those with 32bit C:\Program Files\NCsoft\Lineage II
For those with 64bit C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Lineage II
Step 5. Launch NCsoft Launcher as Administrator, it should now show Lineage 2 as installed.
Step 6. Within NCsoft Launcher, right click Lineage II and click "Repair (Consistency Check)"

Please do not cancel the repair if it goes down to 100kb/s etc, download speed will change constantly and it will speed up.
For those updating this won't take long, for those installing from scratch the download will be 15GB.

Once the download is done and Lineage 2 is completely installed, go play and enjoy!

Explanation: The version.ini file basically tells NCsoft Launcher that the game is installed, meaning you can run a Repair (Consistency Check) which will basically check for what files are missing and re-download them as necessary, in this case all files are missing meaning the repair will download all of the game files, the game files aren't compressed because ordinarily repair tool wouldn't be downloading every single game file and only a few missing files, meaning it will download every game file individually and this is also the explanation as to why the download is 15GB in size, the reason this works is because it doesn't use Pando Media Booster and it downloads directly from NCsoft's servers.

Special thanks to Mtfer and others.
(I've made this thread as a step by step guide.)


Just wanted to add, that once you've downloaded and installed the game, you can delete the files "L2_Main_0.0.0.0To1.0.0.0.ncpatch" and "L2_Main_1.0.0.0To1.0.0.0.ncpatch" from the Lineage II game folder (where you put the version.ini file).

The NCsoft Launcher and PMB try to originally download a compressed installer/setup for the game (the one that gets stuck) which is about 6.5 gigs. After you follow the instructions from Patch, it no longer downloads the compressed version but instead downloads the uncompressed version (15 gig, what the 6.5gig would've been turned into during installation). So there is no need to keep the 6.5gig install files. If we didn't use the work around mentioned by patch, the installer would have automatically deleted these files after install. But since we bypassed the normal installer, it ends up being left on the drive. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of space for me on my main drive that I could be using for other things. So I moved it to another folder and then ran the consistency check again to make sure it wasn't needed, and sure enough, it wasn't. So feel free to delete those two files.

There is a third file "L2_Main_1.0.0.20_Repair.ncpatch" that I had moved, and it was recreated during the consistency check, so that one apparently stays. The other 2 can go though.

If you'd like, you can run a consistency test after deleting the files just to be sure.


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Re: Si vous avez des probleme avec le Nsoft launcher c'est parla

Message par Arwenne le Jeu 26 Jan 2012 - 9:12

merci bcp 112

effectivement quelqu'uns d'entre nous ont eu des pb avec le launcher. Ca va bien les aider.


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